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From rock to classical to world music and everything in between, First Night Missoula provides a diverse line up of local and regional musicians on several stages and in coffee shops, art galleries, and other venues throughout Missoula. 

Be prepared to provide us with samples of your music, your tech needs, and press info. If your booking fee includes travel, let us know as First Night often has hotel rooms available for artists travelling to Missoula.

First Night Missoula is seeking bold new works and timeless classics to entertain and engage our audiences on New Year’s Eve. We have a number of professional theater spaces available throughout Missoula and would love to help you produce a great performance.

 We’ll need to know a synopsis or description of the production, physical requirements of the theatre or venue, technical needs, and funding needs for the project along with other details.

Please be advised that due to the size and scope of the festival we are unable to provide rehearsal time in the venue in which you will perform. We understand that this is a particular challenge when coordinating blocking or choreagraphy. If accepted, First Night can provide floor plans and dimensions of the stage you’ll be scheduled on to help you better understand the space you’ll be performing in.

We love hosting workshops and hands on activities. Time and again we get great responses from audiences looking to get involved and try something new. If you have a workshop or fun participatory event in mind, fill out the following form and let us know what it is.

We'll be asking you about the cost per session or per person. Please keep in mind that First Night will be handling all ticket sales, so be sure to include what you hope to earn from this event in the cost of the workshop. General admission to the festival is $15 per person. Additional or specialized tickets can be produced if an event warrants it. If the cost of your program greatly exceeds regular ticket price, please provide us with an explanation of your expenses.

Deadline to apply is June 30, 2019. First Night Missoula will take place on December 31, 2019. Applicants will be notified in mid August, 2019.

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