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This form is intended for students of the Big Sky High School Drama Class. Those who wish to participate in the First Night Missoula Theater Festival must submit information concerning their performance by the deadline stated below.

First Night Missoula takes place from noon to midnight on New Year's Eve - Sunday December, 31 2017. The Theater Festival will take place at the Roxy Theater. Before filling out this form please keep in mind that resources are limited and plan accordingly: A brief rehearsal will be provided the day of in the back theater of the Roxy, all other rehearsals will need to occur in another location secured by the performer. The stage at the Roxy is 25 x 10 feet, we recommend you tape this area off on your rehearsal space. There is no backstage, nor is there storage. Only basic lighting and sound will be provided.

Deadline to Sign Up: October 20, 2017